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5 years ago#1
What stat should I buff up more then others..i just started lastnight and am already SL 15..i did my dex first so its up to 21 and i did a few on endurance. I want a quick slash and dash type character
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5 years ago#2
Now playing: Dark Souls, MLB 11
"Lloyd...Silence is ******* golden" Ari Gold
5 years ago#3
Early on if you plan to be a melee character of any kind I think it best to meet the requirements for your chosen weapon and then go to town on Vitality and Endurance.
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5 years ago#4
get strength up to at least 16 if you want to use the drake sword (great early weapon). If you want to go dexterity build the Uchigatana and the other katana (Isuio/?) in blightown scale greatly with dexterity. If you want to get the Uchi early you can kill the merchant in the begining area of Undead Burg. Only do this if he is of no more use to you(he doesnt respawn) he will drop the uchi. THe majority of you points should go into Vitality and endurance,and dex. if you want to use the heal miracle get faith up to lvl 12.

I feel like this is a good beginners guide to wanderer. But its all up to you how you want to play.
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5 years ago#5
Maybe get yourself a bow, too... you'll be able to use it pretty effectively with dex.
5 years ago#6
ya these are good tips..i started my first game as a knight and he was sooooo freakin slow i couldnt handle it anymore lol where can i get a bow early on? i think theres one in the asylum but i missed it. should i bother upgrading my schimtar?

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"Lloyd...Silence is ******* golden" Ari Gold
5 years ago#7
Endurance all the way. I'm a level 40 Wanderer and and can swing my Drake Sword 6 times before running out of stamina. I don't even have that much in endurance right now either.
5 years ago#8
Upgrading Scimitar works fine, I didn't want to use Drake Sword (as it ruins the difficulty curve of early game) so I stuck with that for a long time, works well. Pump End as much as you possibly can, it is your most vital stat.

The reason your knight was slow was because his equipment load was over half of its max value, which is determined by end. There is a ring you can obtain early if you chose the Master Key that will boost this max burden by 50%, Havel's Ring. You get it from Havel in the basement of the Tower where the Taurus boss is. He does a ton of damage, but just take off your armor so you're fast and roll around behind him when he attacks so you can backstab him over and over again.
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5 years ago#9
LOL, I did the same thing you did. I started with a knight and hated it so I I switched to Wanderer. Get your strength high enough to use the halberd. It has great range and will be a good second weapon. It's great for small corridors where thrusting is key. Other than that, Dex all the way with End and some Vit.
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