shortcut to gaping dragon

#1IntervigiliumPosted 10/15/2011 3:02:00 AM
i'm at domhnall, how do i open this
#2YHWHPosted 10/15/2011 3:05:41 AM
The dual gate/doors? That is no shortcut. That is the long way to Blightown.
#3Intervigilium(Topic Creator)Posted 10/15/2011 3:53:22 AM
so i have to run through the basilisks every time huh

dark souls
#4PandasGoneWiIdPosted 10/15/2011 4:06:16 AM
If you're looking to fight the gaping dragon, take the doorway with the stairs leading upward and follow the path to the fog gate, the gaping dragon is beyond it. The gate you're talking about is the Blighttown, which is the next area that is unlocked after beating the gaping dragon. Hope this helps!
#5PandasGoneWiIdPosted 10/15/2011 4:07:16 AM
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