DO NOT kill the Golden Knight

#11wemo14Posted 10/6/2011 11:48:35 AM
Sorry for double post

-His name is Lautrec
Carpe Diem
#12WestSdeNleVrusPosted 10/6/2011 11:50:42 AM
So does anyone know the stats on his armor then?
#13ChesterthecommiPosted 10/6/2011 9:11:21 PM
Dammit. I killed him.

Oh well. That's what playthrough #2 is for.
#14Raven_ShikumiPosted 10/6/2011 9:13:48 PM
Kill him, he drops a great ring which you'll likely never replace.

His armor is trash and that's all he drops if you let him murder the girl.

Plus you'll lose the highest estus giving bonfire in the game until you find and kill him.
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