What do the Letter Attack Modifiers Mean?

#1DrKissinger1Posted 10/9/2011 11:09:34 AM
When I look at weapon statistics, I see letter grades applied to the STR/DEX/INT/FAITH modifiers, such as D, A, etc. What exactly do these letter grades signify? I'm sorry to pester the forum with such a basic question, but the main Dark Souls wiki doesn't seem to have an answer, and Google gave me no results.
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Don't be sorry, that's what the forums are for.

Higher grades mean they scale with stats better
For example (hypothetical)
Weapon 1 with a B in dex scaling does 100 damage
Weapon 2 with a C in dex scaling does 80

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Thanks for the help!

So, for example, if I put a point into DEX, a weapon with a D Dex modifier will go up 1 point, but a weapon with an A modifier will go up 3? The numbers are probably inaccurate, but is that the general idea?
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The letter grades can be pretty confusing since both games never ever explained it.


So "S" in the parameter for whatever stat will be the highest then it scales down to "A" and the higher the letter (except "S" which means that its super awesome) the lower the stat boost will be. Like if you see "D" in faith that means the weapon will have a boost off whatever your faith stat is, but it'll be pretty low boost, but if it was an "A" or and "S" then it'll be a high boost off the stat.

Making any sense to you yet? You'll figure it out in time.
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Ah, that makes sense, thanks for the info!