How to get to the sewers?

#1Dax2301Posted 10/9/2011 12:28:19 PM
Hey folks,
I'm trying to locate some transient curses from the vendor in the sewers and have no clue where to find the entrance to the sewers.

Help appreciated!
#2otakon2006Posted 10/9/2011 12:38:50 PM
Go down from the turret opposite of the one you exit to the Dragon Bridge from the Taurus Demon's area, you need the Basement Key to open it though. Just keep going down, be wary of Poison Hounds and Hollow Thief ambushes, save the Sorcerer(he's in a house near the fire at the bottom of the area that has a corpse fire in it. The merchant is further on, when you get to a moat like area(don't go through the white light, leads to the Capra Demon, small space with very aggressive enemies). In that moat area, you'll see stairs on the left leading into a tower. Be wary of the archer there, at the very near top is the aqueduct pipe that has the merchant. She's to the immediate right of the entrance, be careful not to attack her. Also, if you go a little further in you can open a door that gets you back to the original entrance of the Undead Burg and back to the Firelink Shrine.
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How do you Save the guy locked behind the door?
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From: ReGo1 | #003
How do you Save the guy locked behind the door?

Buy the residence key from the male merchant in upper undead berg.
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