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5 years ago#1
I joined the Gravelord covenant when I was traversing through the catacombs. I made it down to Nito and a boss fight occurred where I simply got smashed upon. My questions are. Can you really only kill him with divine weapons? And why do I have to fight him if I just joined his covenant? thanks
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5 years ago#2
You can kill Nito with anything. Divine weapons just prevent his minions from getting back up. Which, in turn, makes the fight extremely easy.
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5 years ago#3
No, you can kill Nito using any weapon you prefer. Holy weapons are just to make sure his skele henchmen don't come back.

I don't know, why not?

If you kill the 3 skeletons right where you fall into the area, you can keep Nito hidden in the corner away from the Giant Skeletons. Nito is a joke to fight once you get him alone.

Much like every other boss with multiple enemies, he absolutely sucks 1v1.
5 years ago#4
Not sure about divine weapons on him..
but heres this..

The start to getting the gravelord covenant is in the room with the titanite demon in the crypts (note: you don't need to kill the demon). A coffin is farther out than the rest, and unoccupied. Looking at it will prompt you to enter it. Once you do, sit there for a moment, and a first person cutscene will commence. When you enter the large, spacious room, head away from the coffin to the larger coffin at the other side. Create your covenant with the Gravelord Nito, receive your sword and spell, and happy hunting.

While initially listed as a pyromancer-friendly covenant in the pre-release demonstrations, the early miracle spell rewards suggest that this covenant is best taken by faith builds. The covenant is gained by going to the lowest part of the catacombs and sitting in the open coffin by the titanite demon. After waiting for a period, a cut-scene will ensue and you will be transported to a secluded cavern somewhere in the Tomb of Giants (although possibly unreachable other than the method above.) Walk around to the other side of the small cave and you will see Nito in a large coffin, interact with him to form the covenant.

Nito initially rewards the player with the gravelord sword and a miracle that summons swords to attack in the vicinity. To "Deepen" the pact with Nito, you offer him "Eye of Death" items. A few of which can be picked up right behind the titanite demon near the coffin. It is assumed for now that the other listed abilities are granted after donating a good amount of these items. Polling from public opinion it appears that using this item has had a low-to-no chance of producing any results. This could be due to the current unfavorable server situation, good players that simply neither die or back-invade, or the item itself could have been poorly scripted. Another way to acquire these Eyes of Death is to farm frogs in The Depths, though even with an Item Discovery stat of 200 and a fairly fast farm rotation this can take upwards of 1 hour per drop.

An alternative way of obtaining stones is to proceed and kill Nito on one playthrough, and unlock Patches as a merchant. Buy eyes from him and save them for your next playthrough.

EDIT: Ahh i misread your question, your already in the Covenant.. Not sure why you fight him.. I hope you gave him all 10 eyes he needs for all your rewards for that Covenant first...
5 years ago#5
Do you have to kill Nito to get patches? Is Patches the guy that kicked you in the hole? Am I supposed to be fighting him if I'm in the covenant? Because isnt he story related. Dont you need his soul to progress? thanks
Gamertag: Killosopher
PSN: antja
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