Movies or books like Dark Souls?

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5 years ago#1
Basically dark high fantasy. Can't think of many.
5 years ago#2
The only thing that comes to mind, that is kind of dark and high fantasy is an old Bakshi (I think it was him) movie from the 70s called Fire & Ice. A good sword and sorcery animated film.
FatzC "Need Skooma Badly"
5 years ago#3
I must be old.check out In The Name Of The Rose and the 80s version of Excalibur w patrick Stewart.both are amazing medevil movies.rose is a who done it set in a 13 century monastery and Excalibur is dark ages knight and sorcery :)
5 years ago#4
O and A Game Of Thrones obviously
5 years ago#5
A Cruel Wind is kind of like this, but with less giant monsters and more intrugue.
5 years ago#6
Berserk anime aswell although it ends leaving u hanging.the manga is great however.
5 years ago#7
Steven erikson. End of story. Start with gardens of the moon
5 years ago#8
The Witcher,evil dead movies lol,Dantes inferno is what comes to mind.
A song of ice and fire is nothing at all like this game.
5 years ago#9
Fire and Ice is not dark fantasy?
5 years ago#10
A Song of Ice and Fire (or HBO's Game of Thrones) is still a dark fantasy.... And it's very good

Berserk Manga is very similar in tone except more violent and a better story. It's my favorite manga, though unfinished. Many people who don't like anime/manga still quite like it.

The Witcher series is awesome.

Someone recommended The Name of the Rose. It's a very good movie, but it's definitely not fantasy. It's a medieval drama.

And I can't see how someone would recommend the Evil Dead movies (when only Army of Darkness has some similarities) and say that ASoIaF is not like it.
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