plus 10 weapons?

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5 years ago#1

how do i friggin upgrade it to ten no black smiths with do it. my claymore i want to but sifs soul into it?

5 years ago#2


5 years ago#3
Read this
5 years ago#4
Get the ember upgrade in the depths next to the butcher. Take it to the normal blacksmith. You can now get your Weapon to +10. Find the blacksmith in Anor Londo, use the modify weapon option and use Sifs soul.
5 years ago#5

yea i have a bunch of embers i have already givin him. do i have to unequip it or something?

5 years ago#6
Nah you just reinforce your weapon and when it gets to a certain point, you modify it.
5 years ago#7
You can craft Boss soul-weapons only in Anor londo at the Giant Blacksmith
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