Dark Souls FAQ V2.0 *please read* (minimal spoilers)

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Valmanways4Ever posted...
I've heard of the Bottomless Box Glitch and the Dragon Head Glitch, how do I do them?
I, and most others on this board, will not help you find out how to cheat the game we love. If you want to do this, use google. You'll get it…

Ah good, I was hoping for some sanctimony. GameFAQs never disappoints.
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Chill out man. He didn't even say not to cheat, he just said he wasn't going to help you cheat. This is a perfect example of the kind of childish entitlement cheaters and hackers often exhibit.

"I shouldn't have to play the game the way it was designed to be played. I'm going to play it my way. And not only that, but I deserve to be told exactly how to cheat, and if you refuse to tell me, you are the one acting like a douchebag."

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@Nonbeing, I dunno who has the right and wrong of it here, but I actually thought that Val was speaking in support of the TC.
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Nope, Nonbeing has it right.
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FYI - I am no longer playing Dark Souls actively, so please don't friend request/message me for help items.

I've received a few recently and hate to not help. I still post here though.
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Great guide, thanks for the info!
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This faq is delicious! :D
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Cheers. Really helpful.
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Ah good. I was going to buy this again to play the upcoming dlc and this guide was a great reminder to ease myself back in (100%ed it back in October) so sticky requested
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New to the game. Thank you so much for the guide. This was supremely helpful.
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Thanks for the guide. I played this a week ago or so and fell in love. Ordered my copy and am just twiddling my thumbs, trying to decide on a build.

Wondering about going with a pyromancer/sorcerer, pumping dex to use dex scaling weapons whilst dumping the rest into attunement (4 slots) and vitality.

Not really seeking advice, just thinking aloud. Finally, Skyrim doesn't feel the same anymore.
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