This game is quality, but i've no idea what to do or where to go..early SPOILERS

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Your level is fine. It's your gear that need work. The order of importance in succeeding through the game is skill > gear > leveling up.
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csukar posted...
Try to find a hollow soldier shield and start upgrading that, it's one of the best light shields in the game once fully upgraded, you can get the undead knight things in the burg to drop them if i'm not mistaken. As for the capra demon, try to summon some people to help you, and you can find vids on youtube that will help you beat it.

Just a heads up, but the last patch nerfed the hollow shield. It's now pretty much the same as the heater shield, except its heavier, protects against fire slightly worse, and has one more point of stability than the heater shield.
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For the TC, just to let you know the Capra demon really is a tough boss, his opening move is a giant pain in the butt, because you pretty much HAVE to dodge it, and the two dogs and the very enclosed space make it all even harder. Unless you have the master key the capra demon is mandatory though. He is definitely killable though, like someone above said, dodge his first attack, and get to the stairs and kill the dogs, you can use the stairs to jump attack the capra demon or lure him up there and then drop down and use the time it takes the demon to jump off to heal.
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One other tip is to watch your character's weight/load.
Try to keep it less that 25% for maximum movement speed.
At bare minimum you should remain below 50% at all times. (well at least for now)

If you are brave enough, you can run past that Hydra/water dragon thing towards the tower at the top of the hill. Open the door and be careful as there is a super strong enemy there. If you kill him he give you a ring that increases your load amount by a fair amount.

Also in that area, which I see a lot of people use, is the grass shield