Did you use the Drake Sword?

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3 years ago#1
I was just wondering how many of you chose to use the Drake Sword, and how many of you chose to pass it up. I don't think anyone can dispute that it makes the earlier parts of the game (pretty much until you beat Quelaag) much easier in many respects. So who of you used it, and who went with a different weapon?

As for me, I used it on almost all of my characters
3 years ago#2
I used it the first time I played through the game, and then never after that. There would have been no point, unless I was trying to make the game harder with worse weapons haha.
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3 years ago#3
I started as a thief and used the bandit knife and shortbow all the way to anor londo until I upgraded to the winged spear.
3 years ago#4
I didn't.

I stuck with my Battleaxe until I got the Gargoyle Halberd. And when the going got really tough, i'd switch to my Black Knight Sword as needed.

I also used the Zweihander for a bit after I got it, but I eventually switched all the way over to the Black Knight Sword.
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3 years ago#5
If I'm using a Str character, I'll go ahead and pick it up until I find the weapon that I wanted to use.
3 years ago#6
Used it to help me obtain a black knight sword. Never touched it again.
3 years ago#7
Used it on my main character until I had gotten my hands on a Demon Spear. From there the Demon Spear was my go-to killing stick until I had gotten my hands on Black Knight weapons. :P
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3 years ago#8
I used the hell out of the drake sword. That thing is awesome!
3 years ago#9
Only on speedrun attempts.

Somehow it didnt occur to me on a first playthrough to keep shooting at a dragon's tail until it drops a relatively strong weapon for the next few areas. (yeah I played blind)

I got the claymore, and got it to +5, and then to fire+5, and later after exploring demon ruins and finding large flame ember to +8. From then on I didnt bother upgrading anything and used that and the lightning spear I found in sens not long after, taken to +4. Lets just say I actually made an elemental vit/end build before I even got too much into the game (I learnt about scaling when I was checking the boards and decided the stat investments arent worth it for a first timer) :P
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3 years ago#10
First playthrough, yeah. Used it up to around the Depths.

Every game after that, never bother touching it. You can probably get a standard weapon to be nearly as powerful through scaling and upgrading by the time you beat the Gargoyles anyway.
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