Just beat orenstein, and smaugh, now what?

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Great board here, can you answer a question: which 4 bosses need to be killed, and what is the recommended order?

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also i hear there is another area like firelink "new londo" where you can buy stuff. do i have to beat the boss there to unlock it or something?
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In no particular order;
Gravelord Nito (Catacombs -> Tomb of the Giants)
Seathe the Scaleless (Anor Londo -> Dukes Archives)
Bed of Chaos(Demon Ruins -> Lost City of Izalith)
Four Kings(New Londo Ruins)

In my opinion, the difficulty of each of these areas go like this:
New Londo, Demon Ruins, Duke's Archives and then Catacombs.

You're free to do whichever in any order you so wish, good luck!
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Oh and New Londo is pretty baron except for a blacksmith and a red robed mage who can heal a curse. It's connected to Firelink, it's a downward path located right by the guy you first met when you arrived in Lordran.(shiny blue armor)
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So where did the cleric vendor go? is there another hub area?

The difficulty you posted- is that from hard to easy?
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There are a few vendors/NPCs you'll meet throughout the game, but Firelink is where they'll usually end up going spare for a couple of them. But in terms of a hub, there's just one.

I listed them from "easiest" to hardest based on my experiences. Although for a first playthrough you'd probably wanted to start off with either Demon Ruins or Duke's Archives.
Also in New Londo you're unable to hit the ghosts without
1) A cursed weapon
2) A transient cure(they last for a good amount of time, so I recommend just popping one of these)
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As for the Cleric vendor, he'll be back. If you missed the story- him and his companions went on a trek into the Catacombs, but he'll be separated from them and return.
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Honestly they all can be pretty hard if you're not prepared.

Do not read below if you want to experience True Dark Souls without helpful hints.


- For Duke's I highly suggest a Fire/Lightning Weapon and a high Magic resistant shield. The Golems outside are nearly immune to Magic.

- If you do not have access to Light sorcery, I highly suggest completing Lost Izalith before Tomb of Giants to get the Sunlight Maggot.

- Four Kings are extremely hard at a low level. As the other poster said, this is best tackled last unless you are itchin' to become a Darkwraith. Poise up, use elemental attacks, and make sure to have good Magic Resistance.

-Catacombs can be very difficult if you don't have a Divine weapon. You can take the Occult Club obtained from the Mimic in Anor Londo and descend it to Divine +5 and use that. You can also just focus on the Necromancers but I find it easier to have a Divine weapon just in case.

- I also suggest completing Catacombs (not necessarily ToG) as early as possible to get Rite of Kindling which makes the game MUCH easier (if you are looking for that).

Good luck!
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thanks a lot. What does the rite of kindling do?

I just beat the centipede demon but i cant open the door to lost izalith. do i need a key?

EDIT: nevermind there was a door thing in there but thats not the way
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durban11 posted...
Great board here, can you answer a question: which 4 bosses need to be killed, and what is the recommended order?


Which one of the two did you kill second? You can buy their armor now from Dormhall.
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