How Old Are You?

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4 years ago#31
29 in a few weeks.
4 years ago#32
GT: TwistedGamer53
(message deleted)
4 years ago#34
I tip my hat to the variety of people playing this game. It's cool to see dark souls is a game that has grabbed the attention of such a wide age group
4 years ago#35
21 right here.
4 years ago#36
4 years ago#37
I am 34
4 years ago#38
XBL GT - Housedj69
4 years ago#39

I always suspected this game draws an "older" crowd.

Btw, those that are 40 and 50+ plaything, that is freaking fantastic. I love it.
4 years ago#40
29. will make 30 on Dec. 24th
XBL GT: Deathmyrk
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