Where are you from?

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3 years ago#61
California where the weather is bi-polar
3 years ago#62
GreatSoulAbyss posted...
I am from London. We have rain and red buses.

Me to! Well near London, my buses are blue and grey.

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3 years ago#63
Alabama, the beautiful (so the sign says). But really, it is.
3 years ago#64
they need alexisonfire in rock band
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3 years ago#65
So where is the tally update TC?
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3 years ago#66
Pennsylvania and I have nothing awesome to say about it.

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3 years ago#67
Art Of Drowning posted...
So where is the tally update TC?

Well Im in work right so so cant add them all up but from what Ive skimmed over it seems to be :

US East > US West>>>>>>>> England >Austrailia> Mexico> Other countries

I seem to be the only irishman here, one is enough! :p
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