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4 years ago#1
I never have done anything with it what is some options for the soul
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4 years ago#2
you use it to get souls, no special use has been found as of yet
4 years ago#3
I'm thinking it might be a whip
Old man still playing, loving every minute of it. Xbl gt giantsir slayer
4 years ago#4
giantsirslayer posted...
I'm thinking it might be a whip

I was thinking it would of been nice if we could use it to turn the Guardian Tail into a stronger weapon. That seems like a missed opportunity.
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4 years ago#5
when you cut off its tail you get a whip
4 years ago#6
I wonder if we will move on the to next title and never discover things that the developers have hidden from us. Things like the guardian soul, the open chests in the room where you get SLB, the open chests in Oolacile, etc... come to mind.
4 years ago#7
Hey, stupid question. I haven't been to the DLC area yet, but I know it's in the past, and I've read a lot of speculation on here as to where exactly the DLC area is in relation to the current Lordran. I've also read that a certain boss gains a new opening animation if you've already done the DLC. Has anyone tried taking the unknown items and walk around with them in NG+ to try to find the area where the 2 spaces meet and see if anything happens? It seems really odd to me that they would add a boss soul that doesn't fit any weapon/ item and a ring that does nothing except double your damage taken. My only questions are, why, and what does everything have in common? The only thing I can think of is the Abyss.

Ok, so we know that the boss that has a new opening is before the 4 Kings, and that has a required ring to even be able to stand in their arena. Has anyone tried wearing the Calamity Ring while fighting the 4 Kings, or wandered the Abyss/ New Londo to see if anything new opens up? Like how certain walls in the DLC takes a light source to open.
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4 years ago#8
That's the thing, great question by the way, I haven't seen or read anything about the guardian soul, the ring reflects dark magic. Just not a light source. I have dropped the guardian soul at the birds but nothing has happened. Puzzles me but that is dark souls, it may have had a purpose at one time but maybe it didn't make its way in the dlc or the game I do not no but this community would know if it had a purpose
Old man still playing, loving every minute of it. Xbl gt giantsir slayer
4 years ago#9
The more I've thought about what I've read from the DLC. The description and nature of the Cleansing Greatshield that affects the boss's opening:

"The steel greatshield used by Knight Artorias, who succumbed to the Abyss. Artorias, deeply scarred by the Abyss, used this to form a barrier to protect his compatriot Sif. Although this drained the shield, its magic defense remains high."

Has anyone tried bypassing Sif after doing the DLC and using the Cleansing Greatshield at the Four Kings, maybe even with the Calamity Ring? Here's my thought on it:

You rescue Sif in the past, it drops the shield that it was using to protect itself from the Abyss. Now from what I've heard of the fight with Sif after is that it remembers you helped it and seems a little reluctant to fight at first. What if we're dealing with a set of items that allow you to change the outcome i.e. "Back To The Future"? Ok, hear me out. We've been trained, "you cannot enter the Abyss without the ring until the Four Kings are defeated or else you die." What if the mysterious items in the DLC allow you to create an alternate path?

Normal path:
Fight Sif, get ring, fight Four Kings.

Possible Alt. Path:
Clear DLC, save Sif, do not fight Sif as it is in your debt for saving it as a puppy, equip the items and enter the Abyss, live? and fight the Four Kings.

What if the Calamity Ring coupled with the shield takes the extra damage you receive to restore the lost power to the shield?

That's my 2 cents. It is all just speculation, as I am new to this game and not used to the lore. This is just what I've picked up in my brief time playing. If anyone has tried it, it would be nice to know how it turns out.
I uh, don't have any bullets. You gonna give me bullets? Are there bullets up there? Where do I get my gun?
GT: LoneReaper115
4 years ago#10
Trust me none of those things will work, this is like people swearing the Pendant had a use, some things just have no use.
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