calling all catbros

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4 years ago#61
Yeah dude host and one white and one sunbro wtf is that
4 years ago#62
encountered a modder with a phantom. i tried to push him off the cliff with force but to no avail
Yes, miracles I presume? GT- thecurator88
4 years ago#63
giantsirslayer posted...
RazhofFlame posted...
I've had a few family masked catbros invade during a 1v1 with a host and going gun-crazy, balls to the wall running at them head first. Unless they heal, I won't 2v1 the host. That would make us no better than the gankers we're hunting here.

We just fought together lol

Really enjoyed that one too :p
GT: Jaak Flak
4 years ago#64
I've 300000 million souls tonight
Old man still playing, loving every minute of it. Xbl gt giantsir slayer....they call me Mr. Stun lock...
4 years ago#65
Im not seeing any friendlies :(
PSN: SleepComa
4 years ago#66
Pretty sure this is the most Gfaqs posters i've seen on DS since i started playing. Cooped with Sir, and Trill just killed me :|
GT: Jaak Flak
4 years ago#67
I am joining in now
with a glass cannon
4 years ago#68
I just met go and I was letting him fight but the host attacked me so I went ahead and used force to drop him off the cliff. first friendly I met apart from swan
Yes, miracles I presume? GT- thecurator88
4 years ago#69
Just linked up with curator
Who run Bartertown?
4 years ago#70
I saw he was invading and I just ran those two clowns over to him and he came with the gank reducing back stabs.
Who run Bartertown?
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