Looking for a Dark Souls co-op partner

#1SidrellyPosted 1/30/2013 5:50:42 PM
I'm lookin for someone who would be willing to play through this game with me. ive beaten it once already and i have a character at souls lvl 107 (i believe) thats currently doing the dlc. I would much prefer to start the game fresh with another character, but im totally cool with playing with my current character. The character i wanna make for this is gunna be a tank/faith build, which is something ive never done before. I would like to play with someone who intends to play the game through to the end, and maybe even into some NG+. I already have the white soapstone, so i can be ready to play whenever. Just throw me a PM and ill send you my GT so we can add eachother and play.