Soul magic is for men

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3 years ago#1
those with dark magic have NO MAN
3 years ago#2
There is only Dragon Body
Wt ring u got bithc?
3 years ago#3
So it's cool to use it on a female character then?

I'm in the clear!
Official Chaos Notched Whip of the Dark Souls 360 board.
GT: IwuzPh34rless
3 years ago#4
Is Crystal magic considered Soul magic, or not? That is the question.
Yes, I know you're trying to do things the stealthy way, but sometimes the enemies get so plentiful you just want to blow 'em up.
3 years ago#5
Bah. Sword, all sword. Like finger on hand.
Smoking Ghost / Feral Manx
Proud Outcast of Capcom Unity
3 years ago#6
If you can't handle the dragon bone fists you should just stay home, baby *muscle flex*
The official BUTCHER knife of the Xbox dark souls board
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3 years ago#7
J28Shammgod posted...
There is only Dragon Body
"One's demise is always one's own doing"
3 years ago#8
TheDarkone21 posted...
So it's cool to use it on a female character then?

I'm in the clear!

Good thing mines just a boy lol! No man, just a boy. But one day, after studying hard his intelligence will be high enough and he'll be ready to fight through the dukes archives. And will buy those spells from Logan, make him hollow and totally kick some crazy man ______.
The Bastard Sword of GameFAQS
3 years ago#9
No its for hipster scrubs who try to be a unique snowflake. Except for homing soulmass. Homing soulmass is good stuff.
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3 years ago#10
"Want me to show you a magic trick?"
"I'm going to make your magic....DISAPPEAR!"
"Oh look it''s gone..."

- The Joker

"Ahhh magic...for the unintiated!"
"But you and I are initiated!"
"I'll take away your magic and then I'll break you"

- Bane

The Batman movies refer to the Vow of Silence...

Paladins are the true men....Praise the Sun!
"An obvious answer wrapped in cheap enigma foil, placed in a lunchbox of deceit surrounded by a mould of ignorance" - Meaning of Life
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