Str/Fth build

#1kung_fu_gamerPosted 2/21/2013 10:16:15 AM
I can't seem to find a good weapon for it and I'm wondering if I'm better off going dex/faith instead. Any suggestions as far weapons go?
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#2NarzodPosted 2/21/2013 10:25:17 AM
Of all the A-scaling strength weapons, the Butcher Knife feels most like a dex weapon to me. It swings fast with quick recovery. Crank it up to +15, buff it with SLB, and go to town.
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#3RPGNinja123Posted 2/21/2013 10:36:31 AM
Dex Faith is obviously the superior build. If I go STR/Faith it will just be me buffing the Large Club.
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#4Dex_PyromaniacPosted 2/21/2013 5:23:59 PM
Yeh large club is probably your best bet, also man serpent sword is decent
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