A way to make Good Vagrants + Drift Items less rare (try this before every warp)

#1illusorywallPosted 12/11/2013 2:51:53 PM

(reposting this from the PS3 board, apologies if you frequent both boards and have already seen this)

^In the linked image, you'll find a simple tutorial I made explaining how we can make Drift Item Bags and Good Vagrants less rare. All it takes is dropping 1 or 2 specific items, if you have them to spare, before every time you warp.

Players using the Mega Mule or Save Edited Files should certainly have extra covenant items they don't need for their current character, it'd be great if people got in the habit of dropping a couple before each warp instead of hoarding them. For players who are playing legit but do lots of PvP or co-op, use your extra souls to stock up on Transient Curses or Purging Stones and drop those.

This isn't a planned event or anything, but a suggested ongoing behavior I'd love to see people adopt. :)
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Great post. Should be fun.
Out of curiosity, anyone know how evil ones are spawned? My guess is that you have to loose a considerably large blood stain, but that's just my assumption.
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The Evil ones are indeed caused by losing a bloodstain containing a "large" amount of soft humanity, but I have no idea what the minimum amount needed is.

On several occasions I've been able to intentionally spawn a Vagrant by suiciding to lose a bloodstain that has 99 humanity in it. So I know that can work, but I've tried 50 humanity in several testing sessions and couldn't get it to work. I recently tried 80, and also couldn't get it to work, but one testing session isn't enough to be sure.

I wouldn't assume that you'd actually need 99 humanity for it to work, but the testing so far makes it seem possible that you might need something near that amount. I've written a lot more about the Vagrant specifics here:

What I still haven't figured out is what causes the red, black phantom versions of Vagrants to appear. I've spawned over a couple dozen vagrants, as well as hundreds of drift item bags, but all but one of my Vagrants have been white so far.
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I actually created a drift bag in my own world. I was summoned as a red while dueling a few days ago, I dropped some eyes of death for a friend but he couldn't pick them all up. When I returned to my world, there was a prism stone in the same location.

Thanks for sharing this on our board. I'm going to start doing this as much as possible.
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