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SL 49 - Seath's tail (Archived)Borticus1108/18/2012
Anyone else notice the subtle product placement? (Archived)jdclanc1178/18/2012
Your first game from Fom Software? (Archived)
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SL63 need help with Seath, hes really hurting my feelings. (Archived)saintjames_00728/18/2012
Capra Demon (Archived)spartansjase38/18/2012
How should I improve my knight? (Archived)Deathblaid58/18/2012
SL 273 on NG+4 or +5 -- Looking for help with Sif, Londo Ruins, 4 Kings (Archived)insidious42048/18/2012
Eingyi stopped talking (Archived)whoaitsZ28/18/2012
Undead Parish dragon (Archived)Scottydont1958/18/2012
Outrageous PvP Stories (Archived)CSP_Eric68/18/2012
Paladin armor (Archived)mcm12768/18/2012
What is your favorite covenant? (Archived)
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How is it some claim Demon'S Soul to be harder than Dark Souls? (Archived)
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impressive 4 kings video (Archived)Shamuu1348/18/2012
Good sword that pairs nicely with a Gravelord Sword build also armor? (Archived)whitepsychtiger58/18/2012
I have a dragon scale, should I upgrade the Drake Sword or save it? (Archived)SRR Capdown108/18/2012
What are PvP range, the summoning lvl range, and invasion lvl ranges? (Archived)levyjl198828/17/2012
Anyone want to assist with Centipede? (SL 140) (Archived)
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Quick Question. (Archived)levyjl198858/17/2012
Soul Glitch? (Archived)
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