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5 years ago#31
If the nemesis isn't at level 1 don't use it(not sure if level 2 reaches the ceiling properly but it might be OK)

Run between the rotating eyes without getting hit while shooting as fast as you can and run under it shooting up as it goes along the ceiling

What to do... If you shoot near the front or back edge while running under it it seems like it would do more damage to each eye because the individual eyes would be spending longer in your line of fire with more vertical movement until the next one comes

But aiming for the middle would damage them all more evenly... Which could make them closer to all being defeated quickly in a row

I think there might be more misses between eyes if you shoot at the middle so maybe you should hit the edges if you can... Just keep shooting

Then it comes back down...
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5 years ago#32
There are probably crystals in the middle of the room so if you're still using the nemesis get ready to switch to the spur when you get there and keep shooting without charging as you run as close to it as you can and go between the eyes under it while shooting to dodge as you continue doing damage

When the eyes start to close make sure you keep shooting the ones that haven't until you win...

Here it comes... As the final form starts spikes will come out of the floor from left to right and after they're all there you can hit the middle of the boss

If the missile launcher has enough power in the level 3 bar it won't go down a level when you get hit... If it doesn't have enough but is at level 3 dont equip it until right before you use it

Get ready...
"What do you capture you Pokemon in?"
"my balls"
5 years ago#33
If you stand under the edge of him on the right and get hit by the spikes twice as they rise while you're on the floor the timing of the second hit should be close enough or you could jump to change the timing of when you're invincible and only get hit once

As soon as it's possible to hit him fly up and stand on him beside his eye with the missile launcher(I used the right but I think both work) and FIRE!

Just shoot as fast as you can until he dies

If what happened on my 3rd speedrun somehow happens to you switch to the nemesis and fire up at him from the spikes while making sure not to hit the invincible eyes

That wasn't as hard as it sounded was it? Sure you probably died 100 times and it was hard but it wasn't that bad right?

3:03.4?! Does this mean if I just keep trying harder I can get under 3 minutes without the Snake?
"What do you capture you Pokemon in?"
"my balls"
5 years ago#34
Feel free to improvise at any time

At the part with the breakable blocks you might be able to start charging the spur before you go down there if you finished grabbing energy for the missile launcher soon enough while waiting for the door to open then switch to the spur and charge it on the way down and fire when you're standing on the breakable block to instantly destroy the whole second lowest row of blocks with the charged shot and it will also hit the door

When you jump through the middle door of the 3 doors and are going for the platform below the missile ammo upgrade it obviously doesn't matter if you touch the 2 enemies on the platform if you've already been hit by a flying enemy on the way over there because you'll still be invincible

I've seen videos where they go to the 2 last doors before heavy press and fly up against the first one with the nemesis and when they fire their shots go through the first door and hit the second one as well activating them both before going back to get the missile ammo upgrade while they count down and if you want it to be easier you could probably save at least a little time just shooting the first door from the nearest platform before going back for the missile ammo upgrade then shooting the second door after you get the upgrade but I didn't try either of these on my previous speedrun
"What do you capture you Pokemon in?"
"my balls"
4 years ago#35
Thanks bro, very helpful :)
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