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Cave Story DS - List of Endings and How to get them *Spoilers* (Archived)MrMariosta1111/26 3:19PM
Not sure if this'll even get seen... but, I'm missing 5 Jukebox Songs *Spoilers* (Archived)zephryl18/5/2014
Oh SHi* (Archived)SL4SHZ0RZ19/15/2012
Cave Story Is Released In The eShop In September (Not DSiware) (Archived)Transdude18/29/2012
Board has died (Archived)
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Anyone else have this glitch? (Archived)AcceptThisName212/10/2011
(minor spoilers) how do you unlock Curly mode? (Archived)wrath_181211/30/2011
HELP! Curly isn't appearing at the boulder room after I beat Monster X! (Archived)SaveDaQueen411/19/2011
Dark Quote? (Archived)That70sGamer12211/2/2011
Anyone Have a save file with curly mode unlocked they can give me? (Archived)LOLRIFAN710/22/2011
What if an archived topic has an unmarked spoiler like:SPOILER (Archived)AcceptThisName110/14/2011
This or the 3DS remake? (Archived)Encephlon19/12/2011
How does this compare to the Wii/PC versions? (Archived)Japanese_Animes67/30/2011
gum on the door... (Archived)BobWayne1727/11/2011
Hard Mode first... A Mistake? (Archived)Flipz97/3/2011
How do I get under 3 mins on time attack? (Archived)AWM10016/20/2011
Cleared!... (Archived)XxQw11ksk0pesxX36/18/2011
Your opinion pistol or machine gun *MINI SPIOLERS* (Archived)CrystalBoyMega76/12/2011
did this come out as a retail game? (Archived)skiguy198124/25/2011
Will this game come to Europe DSIWare?(PAL) (Archived)Milton232/12/2011
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