Where to find undead cougars

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6 years ago#1
"My inner strength flowin, I've mastered chi calm"
6 years ago#2
They were godless bastards when alive in RDR, why the hell would you want to mess with them when they're undead godless bastards and harder to kill?

Besides, they always find you...so I'm sure it is the same for the undead type as well.
6 years ago#3
as cruel fate would have it, you need to kill 3 of these things with a torch if you want the legendary outfit. I never can seem to find them, they find me lol. Just pretend your on a trail headed towards a mission or town minding your own business and theyll come blindside you. Never fails.. be nice if there was a mission blowing them away with the cannons
6 years ago#4
I need to beat 2 more of them to death with my torch to get my Undead Hunter Rank 5. I killed 2 bears, 5 wolves, and 1 cougar within like 10 minutes, all in Tall Trees, but god dammit I can't find these last 2 cougars!

p.s. sorry for the misleading topic title, I forgot to put a question mark on the end.
"My inner strength flowin, I've mastered chi calm"
6 years ago#5

your local nursing home?

6 years ago#6
West of Tall Trees did the trick for me. Got 1 at Fort Mercer to but to many damn zombies trying to pull me of my horse.
6 years ago#7
i found a bunch in jorge's gap close to ridgewood farm, it was when i was attempting the undead sharpshooter rank 5 challenge. just a tip in case anyone doesn't know, use the horse Pestilence and just swing away at the cougars
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6 years ago#8

Yeah, most of the zombougars I've encountered have been around Jorge's gap.

6 years ago#9
Man ive been around Jorges Gap for an hour and only find millions of zombies, wolves and buffalo. Im in Tall Trees now and its been almost a half hour and nothing but those small dogs and a million bears now that i killed two with the torch. Its crazy. When your not on the challenge, those animals are everywhere all the time.
6 years ago#10
I can't find any either... I just need one more.
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