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User Info: fatal1_8_7

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, just a question about the four horses of the apocolypse. I just found Pestilence, which is cool, but i'm wondering what happens when i find another. Say, I find War, but want Pestilence back, will I have to locate him again?
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User Info: fatal1_8_7

6 years ago#2
No one? Well, I guess no ones got that far yet. I'll probably find out myself soon enough anyway.
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User Info: Forzum

6 years ago#3

I think you need to find it again if you change, tho I'm not really sure, this is something I want answered as well.

User Info: Silent_21_Snake

6 years ago#4
If it helps, i had Pesticide & then found War, ditched Pesticide & went along with War until i called him over & the 'oh so excellent' A.I decided to sprint into the water instead of coming to me.
So, i pressed Up to call for a new horse & after a while the game spawned me a skinny undead horse.

From now on every time i press Up i get that horse 'till i find another one of the 4 i suppose.
So, no, once your horse goes it goes. Cannot find War anywhere post-death so i assume they spawn & if it goes.. it goes.
Maybe it's different for Pesticide since he's invincible, but War for sure.
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User Info: madhattershat1

6 years ago#5

I hope not because I have lost war and pestilance to crap AI.

User Info: Zoogicub

6 years ago#6
Huh, weird. I have Pestilence (I guess, since it's got a cloud coming off of it), and both my original and this horse seem to stay clear of the infected pretty well. All's I know is I love how Pestilence never runs out of stamina.

User Info: flowaz

6 years ago#7
Are they located randomly or is each one in a specific area? I just found War in Rio Bravo ....

User Info: Dviresha

6 years ago#8

I found him there too

User Info: the_requiem

6 years ago#9
I found one on way from Coot's Chapel to Armadillo, but not sure if it was Pestilence or just a zombie horse.

User Info: ryan69969

6 years ago#10

Yeah, my Pestillence horse ran into a river after I dismounted. Hope I can find him again. The Undead mounts kinda suck.

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