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4 years ago#1
Looks like the game will be getting patched according to the latest Nintendo Direct. Good for all the people who've experienced bugs I guess.
4 years ago#2
Yeah, Konami have published a press release to that effect here:

Which is good, as the last response I got from them a few days ago was simply "don't attempt to change times for dates, either go on the date or don't" which to me, isn't an ideal solution.

So hopefully this update will happen soon and will fix most of the issues.
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4 years ago#3
just knowing they can release patches online like the xbox and ps3 is a good step in nintendo's direction. anything beats rebuying/reimporting the game.
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4 years ago#4
Some updated patch news:

There are currently two patches planned.

Patch one should release sometime in June and aims to fix -

* Issues with skinship as well as communication via mail and phone
* Responses to touch operations
* To allow the game to automatically offer the "repair inherited save data" function that was offered by the "Love plus tools"
* Other unnamed fixes

Patch two should release sometime around the end of August of the first few weeks of September and aims to fix -

* Improving operability through partially speeding up (some options)
* Fixing the To Do events
* Fixing the schedule input screen
* Other unnamed fixes

Bear in mind, the above is translated from their Japanese press release and may not be consistent with the actual contents of the patches (things change after all).
...toku ni onna otaku ga kirai desu...
4 years ago#5
good. with recent rom dumps this might be a good deterrent to hackers.
"sure play for free, just watch out for that game breaking bug in level 8"
"oh you want an update? go online. oh, you have put a flashcart in your 3ds." *BRICK*
of course this might give nintendo good reason to make half assed cartridge releases and expect users to update.
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