Pokemon Tales series

#1AuronF3Posted 10/24/2010 6:54:55 PM
Yesterday I had an idea what if the pokemon games were made on the ps3 with full figured 3d characters like in the Tales of the Abyss series. Also, what if the characters fight in turn based battles in this made up pokemon video game.
(The skits in the Tales series could also be included in this game as well.)
#2Drew108Posted 10/24/2010 11:15:11 PM
Yesterday I had an idea what if the pokemon games were made on the ps3

Stopped reading there...
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#4InfernoCrossingPosted 10/26/2010 2:03:43 PM
Tales of game with Pokemon gameplay? lolno
Pokemon game with Tales of gameplay? **** yeah.
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#5RilievoPosted 10/26/2010 6:14:53 PM
So... you want them to port Tales of Symphonia RnK to the PS3?
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#6thefinaloraclePosted 10/26/2010 7:57:24 PM
^I hope so. Except the other characters actually level up and we get to control the monsters. That game would have been much better if it allowed that.
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#7LusciousfugaPosted 10/28/2010 9:48:30 AM
I really like this idea, it's so stupid it might work.
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#8Bronze_StuffPosted 10/28/2010 6:14:46 PM
Maybe a monster raising game, but certainly not Pokemon, that would have all sorts of legal complications.
#9Hime_KunPosted 10/31/2010 1:17:26 AM
Or Nintendo could just buy Namco Bandai and make everything betrar.
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#10Ivany2008Posted 11/8/2010 8:52:37 AM
ya.....we might actually see some releases here in north america lol