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Productive grinding (Archived)Persona-Z-57/8 3:49AM
Holy crap! This game's long as hell! (Archived)megasean300097/4 8:15AM
Fon Master Ion (Archived)Suborbion77/3 1:52AM
Seed glitch problems (Archived)Axel_Rawr26/13 7:14AM
Fonology training Part 3 wont trigger for me. (Archived)reshascarlet55/30 1:41AM
I'm missing Animated Scenes #7 at Nam Cobanda Isle. (Archived)Linkz135/18 6:55PM
Just finished the game, one question regarding the narrative? (Archived)Quesker45/15 7:49AM
Unusual glitch starting on 5th playthrough (Archived)orangeumbreon2345/9 1:20PM
On second playthrough... (Archived)MysticalChicken45/6 10:40AM
Leveling up help! (Archived)sniperpig95/6 8:50AM
Is "Class" and "Level" in Din's guide Hikari62 are the Same? (Archived)vosined35/6 1:03AM
So, about the catalyst weapons........ (Archived)kingoffrost425/4 12:04PM
Is there a way to delete a single save file? (Archived)rpglordbrad2525/1 10:22AM
Don't forget to vote Luke fon Fabre for the Sm4sh fighter ballot! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Garioshi124/27 1:29PM
Tamara (Archived)firegod6924/27 12:01AM
Help understanding stats and AD skills (Guy) (Archived)ToxicInfection44/23 2:38AM
"Can't proceed due to ____. Let's retreat for now." (Archived)MysticalChicken74/22 9:28PM
Will they port more Tales games to the 3DS? (Archived)ToadFan4Ever74/20 4:54PM
Avoiding battles en route to Chesedonia (spoilers maybe?) (Archived)MysticalChicken34/18 9:18AM
i just happened upon sword dancer 2's location. Too late to fight # 1? (Archived)splendidsorrow54/13 5:35PM
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