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3 years ago#1
(Just click the note images for each category of characters)

Here are all the characters from the GBA game, complete with descriptions and artwork (Japanese-only, but still).

Also, anybody mind explaining where the hell all the artwork from the DS and Wii installments is coming from?

I tried searching for them on Google, but I turn up with only a few of them, scattered on various sites here and there, all with no actual point of origin.

Has anyone ever tried compiling them all together? Is there anywhere I can get artworks of every character from Rhythm Heaven (DS) and Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)? If artwork for all of them even exists?
3 years ago#2
That is awesome! Thanks for sharing :]

No idea about your question, but it'd make for a great artwork compilation for a game that should get more NA publicity :D
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3 years ago#3
The GBA one should be localized and released everywhere else, as a special 3DS download.

But does anybody else know where RH DS and RH Fever artwork is coming from?
3 years ago#4
Most of the official art that is out there (wallpapers, etc) are straight from Nintendo's site, very limited in what they have.

You could do what I'm doing and rip assets from the disc and put them together yourself. Not official by any means, but it's something, and it lets you do crazy stuff like this.
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