Here's how to link UPlay, Project Legacy, and Assassin's Creed: Brohams together

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6 years ago#1
Sticky this please because I think it'll help newcomers.

The process is simple, but easy to overlook.

You'll need three things:

1) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Single Player save file

2) A Facebook account with the Project Legacy app

3) A Uplay account.

Some think that to link the accounts together you need to be at a certain progression into Brotherhood, this is not so.

That being said,

To link your Uplay account and your Facebook, its as simple as Logging into and clicking the "Facebook" button at the login screen, then filling out the appropriate info. (Your region's Uplay may be different, so you can probably just Google "Uplay" and find the one you need)

To link your Uplay with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, you need only go to the Uplay heading at the title menu, providing your Xbox ID or PSN ID (I have Xbox so I dunno how it works on PS3, but how different can it be?) is the same as the one you logged on Uplay's website, you should see at least 10 uplay points for you to spend.

To link your Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Save with Project Legacy (This is the one that's easy to miss, yet one of the easiest to accomplish), First make sure your Uplay and XBL/PSN are already linked (just to make this easier), Load up Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, go to the single player menu, when you are choosing the save file to load (not the save device, just to clarify), you'll see at the bottom of the screen "Press ((Y)/(/\)) to link to Project Legacy", do so, and you will be prompted. (Again, I'm assuming it's Triangle on PS3)

That's all there is to it, your three accounts are linked.
6 years ago#2
Forgive me, but I still don't understand.

* I have a Facebook account using my real name (Joe Smith, let's say).

* I have a PSN ID (Super_Joe).

* I have a name I registered on Ubisoft (EzioJoe2010) to talk with people on their forums.

All three of these are connected to my main e-mail address (

Now when I play Brotherhood, the game automatically assigns UPlay points to Super_Joe, my PSN ID. I don't remember if I ever signed up for anything specific to UPlay with that name, or if it was just chosen auomatically.

In any case I've obtained many UPlay points playing both AC2 and ACB.

But when I play the game on Facebook and click any of the links that will connect my Project Legacy progress to a UPlay account, Facebook brings me to a UPlay login screen with the Ubisoft login and password (EzioJoe2010) already filled in.

What will happen if I sign in that way? My Assassin's Creed games think that my UPlay name is my PSN name, Super_Joe.

I suspect that signing up for that Ubisoft forum account on my computer is what messed all this up. How can I get Facebook to ignore that and let me connect me PSN ID to my Facebook name?

6 years ago#3
Actually, I'm pretty sure your Uplay login does not reflect your PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag. So fret not! :D

You do, however, need to link your facebook to your Uplay account, which it will ask you to do if you login through your facebook ID.

As far as I can remember, the email associated with each account is moot.
6 years ago#4
OK, but how will UPlay know what my PSN account name is if I sign in with the name I created with Ubisoft? (That's at , BTW.)

I don't see that Ubisoft name (EzioJoe2010, in my earlier example) at all when getting UPlay points while playing AC, and in fact started getting AC UPlay points before I created this Ubisoft ID. The only name I see when playing AC is Super_Joe, my PSN name.

Do most people only have one "real" name (on Facebook) and one user name (on UPlay)? Do I have one name too many?

6 years ago#5
Not at all, you should be allowed to enter different ID's for each category.

You will get Uplay points before linking accounts as well, however, you'll get 10 free ones for linking your PSN to Uplay.
6 years ago#6
My psn id, my facebook id and ubi id are all different.

But I accumate my point on the ubi account. So I pretty sure, you are good
I don't remember getting some problems when I was playing ACII.
6 years ago#7
i just went onto my ps3 to link my save file to project legacy with my uplay account and it says my uplay account isnt linked to my project legacy app. how am i supposed to link it to project legacy if project legacy is asking me to link with a save file? its taking me around in circles
6 years ago#8
When on your PS3, when you are choosing the save file to load, there should be a button listed on screen that says "SYNC to project legacy", I'm hypothesizing Triangle.
6 years ago#9
OK; what is your "UPlay ID"? Is that what's displayed in large letters at the top of the windows when you interrupt Assassin's Creed to go visit UPlay? When I visit UPlay, I see my PSN ID there. Does that mean that when I first signed up for UPlay, I could have chosen something different, but in fact chose the same ID I use on PSN?

How do you find out what the password is for that? UPlay never makes me log in or enter a password; it just shows me my point total automatically.

6 years ago#10
Your psn id is most likely not linked to an actual Uplay account, tho it can get uplay points nonetheless.
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