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#1clinttigerPosted 10/22/2011 4:32:17 AM
I'm using a lvl 26 monk. I started out as the squire but got bored because its too easy...then i went to monk then mage but I really want to main my monk again.


I seem to not be able to keep up with other players mainly squire. I Wanted to make a fast dps build, I put a lot of points in damage and secondly speed. It was working for a bit but not by much. So I started to divide it and put some points in my aura range and damage.

I'm still not doing as good as i think I should. Monks a master character so he should be able to play well later in the game but so far I don't think so.

Is there a better way to build the monk and any tips on how to play him?

I usually go for elec and slow aura and a heal near the crystal. Sometimes i mass confuse.

Thanks for any help

Also playing on the ps3 in that makes a difference boards dead for the ps3.
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clinttiger posted...
I'm using a lvl 26 monk. I started out as the squire but got bored because its too easy...then i went to monk then mage but I really want to main my monk again.


I seem to not be able to keep up with other players mainly squire. I Wanted to make a fast dps build, I put a lot of points in damage and secondly speed. It was working for a bit but not by much. So I started to divide it and put some points in my aura range and damage.

I'm still not doing as good as i think I should. Monks a master character so he should be able to play well later in the game but so far I don't think so.

Is there a better way to build the monk and any tips on how to play him?

I usually go for elec and slow aura and a heal near the crystal. Sometimes i mass confuse.

Thanks for any help

Also playing on the ps3 in that makes a difference boards dead for the ps3.

A monk is a "master" character because it requires more knowledge to use it effectively. The monk is pure SUPPORT, it will never compete to a Squire or an Apprentice. If you are beating a Squire or a Monk, they either suck, or you are using up all the defense units laying auras. You should also stop wasting points in movement speed. If you want to main your monk, you need to play with other people, and build yourself around Support. If you try to be what you are not, then you will be nothing.
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#3wolfy42Posted 10/22/2011 1:03:27 PM
Monks best ability in my opinion is it's aura's......and I use mine just to lay them down pretty much. If you do decide to use a monk during combat phases, then go ALL OUT on damage (don't even waste time on speed....get it from equipment if you have to).

Main problem a monk has is less damage then a squire.....but you have a faster base movement speed then make up for the lack of damage by maxing your damage skill asap. Another good option is to get a high ranged damage weapon for your monk. While he won't do as much damage as a'll do ranged damage...and more then apprentices as well......while taking less to no damage in the process.

Also as a monk you can easily keep the towers healed up......which is a valuable addition to any team. That is probably the biggest advantage/reason to main a monk when playing solo. If you ONLY want to use towers to kill....monk is quite possibly the best class to do it with.

If that is the case then boost your aura's power and radius......and then pump points into speed so you can get around healing your towers much faster.

I play mostly solo. I like the challenge and full control of the battle I get that way. I like to be able to place all the towers myself and collect all the loot myself as well. I leveled up my monk focusing only on aura abilities because of that.
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#4clinttiger(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2011 4:46:51 PM
Awesome info Wolfy just what I needed to know. I finally realized that I will never come close to a Squire in kills or damage, so I might as well just go full tower support.

The thing is I play with my brother and he always brags that he's always mvp in the end(squire) Its not fair that kills is what gets you the most points because monks have more support than anything and I get no points or xp for doing that. Also his squire just comes out of nowhere and destroy all the mobs with few swipes and I don't get any xp at all only if I kill one.

Once again thanks for the info I'll respec my monk and go full tower. Where should I put most of my points in besides damage and radius? is effect speed good? I don't really get that one.

And should I put points into my monk himself? I think I'll lay off from damage and just get it from weapons.

One last thing can I reset my weapon upgrades? I put most of it in melee damage...
#5clinttiger(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2011 5:12:37 PM
How do you survive solo without and walls? and with the strength drain ability does it lower their health and defence or just attack?

With range weapons is it better to have high damage or weaker damage but with multiple shots?

I have a really good spear with really good range damage but I upgraded it and put a bunch of pints in melee. I'm screwed?
#6wolfy42Posted 10/22/2011 5:59:05 PM
You can reset skills from the tavern but it's expensive.

You can set walls with your other characters. If you play solo you need to boost all the characters. I've posted on a few places how to do it but a brief breakdown.

Upgrade tower damage and attack rate for the apprentice.
Upgrade tower defence and damage for the squire
upgrade tower power and radius for monk.

Playing solo you set your games to unlimited build and can switch between characters during the build phase. That lets you use characters to set up your towers and then one other character during your combat phase.

I suggest boosting apprentice first for the high damage towers (very easy to do from scratch)...then boosting monk after that and finally then squire.

You can go squire first if you want (either squire or apprentice towers + monk = win).....but eventually you'll want all 3.

In the end I boost tower abilities for all of the characters except the huntress who I use in my combat phase. She gets the highest ranged damage in the game...which is the most effective (uses the least amount of mana since little to no healing is needed).

Easiest character to run up the levels is squire by far......but apprentice is good as well and covers both defense (shield vs cheap) and tons of long range offense. It also has eaier placement.

Monk works with either and would be the second character I would suggest boosting (although monk + squire works well as does squire + apprentice).

Main thing about squire is you should hold off till your sure if you want to go melee or boost it's tower health and use it as your defensive towers (which I suggest).

The huntress does about as much damage in combat as the squire eventually...but at range (takes awhile though as it's a slow starting class) ....but I'm not a fan of the they don't have a real specialization like the other classes.

So I suggest pumping your damage and attack rate, along with a bit of range...on your apprentice...that will give you the most versatile and high damage towers.

The monk gives you great aura's that slow enemies, boost damage, deal damage and heal players. Boost the radius of your auras and their power and you'll be rocking.

The squire can have some VERY defensive towers....but you could get by just using the apprentice (there are some advantages to the apprentices shield since it nullifies elemental defenses) you could play the squire as a mainly melee character who just uses bouncers in combo with apprentice damage towers and monk slow auras. That means not using the huntress at all in that case.

You could then boost the tower health (charges) of the huntress and use it as a good AoE trap build I guess. I have not tried that....but it's an option you could try. Personally I like the insane high defenses of the squire (when you pump up the tower health stat) and the bumpers are more useful for the um...bumpage....then the damage even when you boost tower damage a ton. That is not reliant on pumping tower damage...but instead gives your very high damage apprentice towers more time to unload on enemies.

Solo to me is actually more fun, unless your playing with a specific friend/group of friends. I only play multiplayer with specific friends (we'll be playing tomorrow again at 4pm) otherwise I play solo and enjoy it alot more then random multiplayer.

If your playing with your brother...then you could split the take 2 and he takes 2. If you already have monk, then you should decide if you want to play the huntress as a melee based character or go with the apprentices tower damage. Choose which one you want and have him take the other (since he already got squire which would be most peoples first choice). I suggest going combat specialized with one character (could be the monk...but it's not as effective) and tower specialized as the other.
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#7wolfy42Posted 10/22/2011 6:18:42 PM
Multiple shots are better if you have any bonuses from equipment or skill to hero basically multiple shots are almost always better.

As far as equipment....just check for a decent weapon in the tavern occasionally and fight on higher difficulty levels and you should get something decent pretty fast.

Higher hero damage also is a larger bonus for ranged characters then melee since your base ranged damage is lower (although melee can hit multiple enemies easier). That being said multi shot weapons can hit 1 enemy more then once so it's actually more effective to use ranged attacks vs ogres etc (not to mention you can easily lead them away from towers etc that way).

If you decide to play a monk in combat phase just pump everything into hero power won't need speed really at all (get a speed bonus on one piece of equipment and max it out and you'll be set). High bonuses to hero power makes your ranged attacks quite effective once you get a decent ranged weapon. You can specialize a weapon for ranged damage as well...which is a good idea. The squire might kill many small enemies faster then you but you really should be able to blast them just fine if your not in the same area as the squire...and you'll be more effective vs single big enemies, and you'll use less resources.

Should be mentioned that the monk auras are still quite effective without any points invested in them. Since damage isn't a big issue for monk auras..and effect scales with power but not to the extent of damage can still make very good use of monk auras without specializing in them. Yes a larger aura radius is nice (Very nice) but if you want to run a combat build with your monk you can...and still get alot of use out of your auras. A big radius and boost in effectiveness though will be more useful in any fight then a higher combat damage on a monk.....but if you just want to lay waste to can do that as a monk too.

Ranged damage in my opinion is better then even if your damage isn't quite as high as a squires (which it will be with multiple shots and high hero damage bonus at least vs one enemy at a time)'ll have all the other advantages of ranged damage.

The diff between monk ranged damage and huntress is not that big end game.....and the monk comes out on top for quite awhile it's not horrid if you want to hold off (or don't have the mana yet) to reset your monks skills.

You could also experiment with a trap build on the huntress. I'm not a massive fan of traps....but the largest problems with them do go away after you invest enough points. Traps also have a similar advantage as monks auras in that their placement is very easy and works well right at spawn points (leading to fast finish bonuses etc.

Only class I really see working only in 1 way well is the apprentice (since their towers rock soooo hard). I have never tried maxing out hero damage on an apprentice might work well with the AoE attack etc....and it does have a good ranged it could work fairly well. The tower damage is just SO much higher then combat attacks that I can't bring myself to even try it lol.

Seriously you can play on hard solo as an apprentice without using other characters towers etc (why I suggest boosting apprentice first) with ease. It's harder to do so even as a squire. A bit of knockback on your weapon + apprentice shield in front of damage towers allows you to destroy large groups of enemies without taking any damage (and without your towers being damaged much either.

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#8clinttiger(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2011 7:15:56 PM
Yea I started playing with apprentice last night got him to lvl 20 and wow his towers do so much damage and his walls are amazing combined. Negate elemental resistance? thats pure damage!

I still wanted to go back to the monk though so I started to do some research and like you said its best to go with range damage instead of melee and go with pure towers for support at least for multiplayer.

I play with two brothers one using the cheap OP squire and the other started out as the apprentice and switched to hunter because he didn't like the apprentice hero damage. He now sees how good he apprentice is after seeing mine in action. He went almost full traps with hunter pretty effective at destroying fresh waves or literally making them stop and not move at all combined with monks ensnare the waves just stood in place for a VERY long time till i went in and cleaned up.

I still think a dps hunter would be better since ill work on defence and the squire already has op towers(spinners)

I still don't understand aura strength and aura speed. Wouldn't strength only apply to electric aura? and what does the aura speed mean?

One more thing what's a good pet for the monk that I should look out for?
I know the Tiger powers up all your stats by a lot! but I'm using the cowboy monkey right now I don't know if its on PC it was a ps3 dlc. Its pretty good it's like having a DPS by your side he kills all smalls creatures one shot and brings medium guys to barley any health. The only thing he does not add stats to your hero.

I heard the fairy is the best to have and hardest to get. I don't know where i got mine but it was really really early and I don't see why its so good.
#9wolfy42Posted 10/22/2011 7:46:07 PM
Monk and huntress are really best specialized while the squire has alot more leway on how you build him. The huntress does ok with traps if you go pure traps early on.....but even if you go all out on traps....I don't find them as useful long term as other characters. Even with a decent # of uses per trap, you still have to spend mana to recharge them between waves. It works ok in combo with other melee based players but solo as a trap huntress kinda blows after the first few stages. The ranged damage of the huntress can really shine eventually.

For monks trap power boosts the effects of every aura in a way. Slower enemies, larger reduction on damage, better healing. more damage etc. Radius increases the size of your auras making them more efficient and power makes them more effective.

As far as your familiar go for a familiar with the bonus stats you want for the character, along with plenty of upgrade levels to improve the bonuses. You can use familiars for multiple characters btw so one that has a huge amount of trap damage/fire speed and another that has character speed and damage is a great way to go.

Huntress traps work well in combo with other characters. As you mentioned the gas trap can practically stop an invading army completely.....but your going to use mana to do it which means less for everyone else. In combo with a high damage combat character though that is very effective...especially if you also have a monk with the slow aura.

Since you already boosted your monks player damage, you might try playing with your huntress brother, have him drop the gas mines and you place the slow auras around them...and then team up to melee them to heck and back. That will let you both tear them up with ranged attacks (both huntress and monk specialized in player damage not trap damage).

As far as huntresses isn't as important as all that after a small amount early on (you can almost get enough just by having trap health on an item/familiar and boosting it...which lets you switch around later. Make sure when boosting health that you end on a number that boosts charges because not everyone does. Damage is good as is radius. A good gun/xbow really lets your huntress output some serious dps.....I think it's way better to specialize in player damage for the huntress then traps.

Monk should go either all out auras or all out ranged damage.

Squire can't go wrong whatever you do pretty much.

And apprentices are crazy not to specialize in tower damage.
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#10clinttiger(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2011 8:21:53 PM
Sucks it cost so much to respec but I'll have to do that.

I still don't know what the aura speed does. I know about what health radius and now strength thanks to you but still confused on speed.

I read that the aura have a limit on when they're activated like for the electricity aura it will damage them for an amount of time then stop then start back again how fast depends on how many points are put into aura speed.

I thought the effects are constant? If all that^ is true that makes monks a lot less effective compared to all other classes.