hey whats it downloading now?

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3 years ago#1
http://www.youtube.com/user/Thereal50inchDLP -contains my Dreamcast project of putting HD vids of each US game up.http://bf3stats.com/stats_360/louerina
3 years ago#2

From: Zin_LG | #012
7.30c full patch list

* Buff Beams no longer go down when a Tower is pushed out from them (though that specific Tower will lose its buff since it's no longer within the Beam)
* Fixed bug where Supreme Full-Set Bonus (36%) was being given to Transcendent Gear (supposed to be 33%)
* Electric Aura damage is now applied if enemies already within that Aura lose their Elemental Enhancement (i.e. are in Strength Drain)
* Charging Sharken now have constant Charge Speed which doesn't increase with difficulty (and Charging Movement-Speed itself decreased by 40%), and Towers are now more prioritized to Targeting Charging Sharken over other enemies (as they do with Desummoning Djinn). Sharken also now have a more obvious visual and sound effect when beginning to wind-up a Charge.
* Sharken can no longer fully embed pushed Defenses into world geometry
* Healing Aura no longer heals Kraken
* Equipment Tooltip overlay on Tavern-Shop equipment now shows the resale value
* Enraged Enemies now only add Aggro from other Enemies, not from anything else (Players, Towers, etc) -- making them much more likely to attack the other enemies when Enrage Auras are placed near Towers
* Fixed straggler spawns where Survival Spawn times would tend to have enemies slowly appear way after most of the wave was over, or in massive rushes at any point
* Jetpack-Hovering through Teleporters (i.e. Aquanos) will no longer sometimes cause you to be relocated off the map
* Transcendent Survivalist now unlocks properly (thanks Dunimas!)
* Added "A Sharken Has Arrived!" notification
* Doubled the likelihood of Halloween Item drops
* Added Option to disable Enemy Spawn Notifications ("... Has Arrived!" & accompanying sfx), though it will not yet work on Ogres but currently works on the other enemy types
* Equalized Monkey Pet's Nightmare damage multiplier with the other Pets (20% reduction in its Damage in NM)
* Fixed a case where Player Shops purchase Mana-limit could have been exceeded
* Fixed various enemy stuck spots on Shipwreck Ruins MonsterFest & Shipwreck Ruins PvP geometry

* Changed Multi-Threaded renderer back to using the option for it, rather than always-being-enabled. May have been causing slowdown on some systems, so now you can try it out via the "Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer" option in the Configuration Tool and see which works better for your system.

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