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3 years ago#1
Hey all I just started playing this game with a friend (who's been playing much longer than me) and it's pretty fun but I have some questions

1 - Concerning high end items, why do some people price things in tokens (im assuming a token = 600m) while others price things in bil? It seems a bit inconsistent because 2 tokens = 1.2 bil while 1 bil is 1 bil. Do people just trade a 600m and 400m mana token for every bil they charge?

2 - I can clear NM HC MM Survival Throne room pretty easily, where would you recommend I go to next? I've read that I should hit up mistymire or aquanos, but I don't know which between the two I should really go to or if I should just stick with throne room. (will be trying mistymire later today probably)

3 - How's the pvp like (if people do host pvp games)?
3 years ago#2
1. 1 bil = 1 bil. 1 token = amount of mana the seller usually says it is OR 1bil (because "maximum" worth of token in 1b)

2. Ramparts, Summit, Glitterhelm, Mistymire, Aquanos~~

3. PvP in DD = No. Just no. It's like PvP in D2
3 years ago#3
You just started playing and you can clear a NM HC MM map? I know people who have been playing for months and they still ask me to help them clear Insane maps.

Or are you talking about you and your friend can clear NM HC MM maps?
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3 years ago#4
STG, not our fault that your friends are stoopid =(

I'd kinda guess that since he has a friend that has been playing much longer, that friend prolly gives out some gear for our newbie here. Aaaaand if he gets gear from friend, it's not exactly rocket science to clear NMHC.
3 years ago#5
Ahh I see thanks for the clarification and tip. Tokens having a max of 1bil makes a lot more sense lol. Can't wait to try out glitterhelm, I think it's a fun map :D.

Yeah haha, I was given some entry myths after I was done with the normal campaign to help me get started on end game stuff. I mostly just ran whatever I could to farm mana and bought myself better gear to get further in NM maps. It was a pretty slow process at first, and I'm still probably farming at a slow pace compared to more experienced players.

Bummer to hear though that pvp isn't great, it seemed like it might've had a cool system with this game being a hybrid tower defense game and all.

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