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Lag?? (Archived)DonPachi412/15/2010
6 player playthrough (Archived)assassin243212/15/2010
6 player achievement (Archived)DoriansPortrait312/15/2010
I wonder why this website says 1215/2011 for a release date for X-Men game? (Archived)sbrute512/15/2010
Its now available on Xbox live (Archived)potpot851012/15/2010
Just woke up, who wants to play when it releases? (Archived)
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I'm just too much of an old school gamer...... (Archived)remy_royale212/15/2010
6.5 from Official Xbox Magazine (Archived)solid_snake112/15/2010
Did you ever...? (Archived)Isegrim212/14/2010
When will this game be released on Live?? I can't wait >_< (Archived)Melon_Master712/14/2010
Seeing this game finally get release makes me wish..... (Archived)BubblegumHavok612/14/2010
Hey, anybody going to download immediately? (Archived)acsw52912/14/2010
Impressions of the game. (Archived)megax11712/14/2010
What Character will you most be picking? (Archived)
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Is this game going to be upgraded to HD (Archived)assassin243612/14/2010
X-Men: The Arcade Game Achievements Revealed (Archived)
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Is beating the second boss even possible without getting hit / thrown? *Spoilers (Archived)DAMIDDLEFINGER812/13/2010
wow this comes out on my birthday (Archived)RecklessnessFTW412/13/2010
PS3 gets it a year early (Archived)megamanx1979512/12/2010
It comes out next Wendesday!! (Archived)
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