How can I get Goddess Filigree?

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5 years ago#1
Hey everyone, I was wondering how I can get this item, I have beaten and devoured several types of Sariels many times and haven't received this item.
I need it to upgrade my rank 1 "Knife II" to a rank 4 "Chill Knife"
And I'm at difficulty 8 right now
5 years ago#2
Kill sariel and destroy everything, (legs, skirt, head) yup...
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5 years ago#3
Already did that to all the Sariels I have encountered; still didn't get it.
5 years ago#4
do any of your Gun/Blade/Shield/Control Unit have junk eater skill if do remove that skill it make it harder to get that material
all i have is bad luck
5 years ago#5
No, I do not have this "Junk Eater" skill.
Is Goddess Filigree a rare item?
5 years ago#6
yup i got one of that poison sariel damn biatch.
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5 years ago#7
This thing is hard to get damnit.
It's only for a rank 4 weapon!
Why is it so rare?
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  3. How can I get Goddess Filigree?

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