How to enable right-click deny

#1midnightfraserPosted 12/18/2011 11:06:14 PM
Put this in your autoexec.cfg:

dota_force_right_click_attack 1

Extremely helpful... basically it allow you to use the same timing, etc for denying as for last-hitting (you don't need to manually press "A") which makes denying so much easier.
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#2crad99Posted 12/18/2011 11:30:30 PM
Woah! this could be useful
#3CrossfiyahPosted 12/19/2011 2:10:16 AM
How does one access the autoexec.cfg file?
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#4LotionExplosionPosted 12/19/2011 2:28:12 AM
Make a txt file and rename it to cfg, basically.
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#5SnakeEyes170Posted 12/19/2011 9:43:04 AM
or just turn on console and put it there
#6Ness26(Moderator)Posted 12/19/2011 10:19:45 AM
Put the file in ...

Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/cfg

Make sure it's a .cfg file and you'll be good to go. Another nice command is...

dota_disable_range_indicators 0

Gives you little indicators when you're using your skills of what kind of casting range you have.
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#7Ant_to_the_maxPosted 12/19/2011 1:14:31 PM
dunno why, but mine never seems to run =/
#8Ness26(Moderator)Posted 12/19/2011 2:23:05 PM
Check if it's actually a .cfg file. If you're on Windows 7 you might have extensions hidden which means your file is actually autoexec.cfg.txt.
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#9Ant_to_the_maxPosted 12/19/2011 4:49:21 PM
Total derp moment on my part. One thing I forgot to change on my new lappy. Thanks!
#10Ness26(Moderator)Posted 12/19/2011 4:51:38 PM
Same thing happened to me just two days ago. =P
No amount of planning will ever replace dumb luck.