"Connecting to DOTA 2 network"

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User Info: XoXMegaGamerXoX

5 years ago#1
It just stays like that forever. I can't even start a match. Any one else get this error?
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User Info: baqmutenmar

5 years ago#2
make sure the game is updated and make sure to start the game in steam.

I had this problem for a little while. are you trying to start the game from your taskbar? because my comp seemed to not connect to the dota 2 server when i did that.
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User Info: grisibur

5 years ago#3

Restart steam.

Also, I have heard that this is kinda of a telltale sign of piracy, as the cracks you use on steam games bypass steam and then generates that error when you try to play non cracked games via steam. :>

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