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4 years ago#21
I like Shadow Fiend because he has swagger.
4 years ago#22
I have enjoyed Dota since the start of it as a Warcraft 3 mod.

The evolution of this game has been astounding and I am certainly proud to be part of the Beta access. This game is what I consider to be the most rounded MOBA on the market and I know that it will continue to shape the future of all online arena games like itself.

The community of this game is amazing to say the least. Yes you get a certain bunch of jerks from time to time, but you also have a myriad of awesome people who will teach you and answer the simplest of questions, to help you get better. This site is also one of the best forums for that purpose.

The gameplay is very open from pro to noob, and the challenge never seems to get old.

The heroes are all very unique and I can't wait to see it grow larger and get more involved.

This game is truly a classic and it will always hold a place in my heart.

DOTA 2 is awesome!!
"Never argue with idiots, They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" ~Unknown
4 years ago#23
I like dota 2 because it's better than lol
let me show you my pokemans
(message deleted)
4 years ago#25
I just happened to look at the clock and notice it's been two hours.
4 years ago#26
andrathebackbon posted...
Yow man, I like dota2 because I'm good at it. I crush you to the ground, saan! I know you always fed during game, but it's okay, I've always forgiven you. Now, you can uninstall dota2, goodbye svenoftheoutcast. outcast yourself!

Lolololol! Darn uuu!!!


SpeedDemon20 posted...
I like Ursa's voice. CLAWS OUT. FANGS BARED.

If you magically get the Warlock Staff I'm going to laugh xD
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4 years ago#27
LookANinja posted...
I just happened to look at the clock and notice it's been two hours.

Wow, and you post at the exact same minute. Exactly 2 hours. Are you psychic?

Diamond FC: 4854 3640 0601
4 years ago#28
It was just a coincidence!
4 years ago#29
I play DotA for the same reason I play CS. Generally when you win, it's because your team was better. When you lose, it's since you played worse.
4 years ago#30
Voice acting by far is absolutely amazing!

All the stand alone features really make this game so much better than the W3 mod
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