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4 years ago#61
I also like how Puck's voice is sooo cute. :3
4 years ago#62
I wish the replay feature is more reliable. There was a Viper that Shadow Walked through our jungle, and I managed to land Split Earth on him during the last few seconds of his invisibility, and he was revealed part way through the stun duration and then we killed him.
I hate resorting to violence...
4 years ago#63
"Lich gonna have your mana!"
Only ugly people can read this.
4 years ago#64
I like the feeling of playing on Dire and channeling Sand King's ult behind the trees on Radiant's easy lane right next to their tower while a teammate baits 3 players out and straight into it.
Wind Fish in name only, for it is neither.
4 years ago#65
i actually like the 5-man team diretide matches LOL
4 years ago#66
PL when picking up Illu rune: Because at this point, why not?
Proud Quitting Returner.
Yancy so kawaii ~
4 years ago#67
PSN: newborn605
4 years ago#68
4 years ago#69
I like how DotA wastes so much of my life away
4 years ago#70
Diretide is the t1ts. Because you get items. LOOT!
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