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4 years ago#71
i like dota 2(and 1) because of the sheer variety and mechanics of the game.

i mean it really says something about the game when even a direct rip off(HoN) can't even manage pull off dota's numbers.
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4 years ago#72
Cus he's the juggernaut, B*TCH!!!
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4 years ago#73
What I like about Dota 2 is laning against another player, especially solo mid. That kind of intense rivalry really makes me hate losing, but also is amazing when you simply outplay and outskill the opposing player.
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4 years ago#74
Dota 2 is the absolute best way to lose sleep.

Like i'm doing right now, waiting for a trade that will probably never come. xD
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4 years ago#75
I like DoTA2 because it reminds me of my college days.
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4 years ago#76
I like Lina. She's hot. Geddit?
4 years ago#77
Because i'm on the Dota 2 forum right now instead of studying for my music exam.
4 years ago#78
I like DOTA 2 because it is a remake from Valve, yeah, my best Game Developer, storyline game maker ever!
4 years ago#79
Just gonna post once.
Some men just want to watch the world learn
4 years ago#80
gonna post one more time for luck. I like invoker's voice.
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