12 DOTA 2 Keys To Giveaway

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4 years ago#21
hi guy, I am looking for a dota 2 key for a while, I appreciate if you can offer me one. xuzhang8902@gmail.com, thx so much.
4 years ago#22
I think im a little late, but i can try :),
Thanks! :D
Xbox live GT: Darth RevanX2
4 years ago#23
Would love one if you come up with more.


4 years ago#24
if there are any keys left, i would like to have one
Thank you

4 years ago#25
I would really appreciated if you would send me a key. My steam id is : santi_4021

i NEED Dota.
4 years ago#26
Can I have one!?!


Thanks if you can..
That is all!
4 years ago#27
if you still have any keys left i would like one please

email: samdudley@gmail.com

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sam3643

add me on steam too :)
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