Shouldnt we push while we have the advantage? They'll outcarry us.

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Just played a profoundly frustrating game as DK where I had to lane with an SK (sand) that took every single last hit he could, tried to stun a magic immune naix and then bailed on me, leading to my death, and then proceeded to tell me I was feeding when I asked him if I was supporting him (1 death).

When I proceeded to retreat to the jungle in an attempt to get some farm, and informed my team of this and why I was doing it, I was told that I was "crying" by enigma, and criticized for not having more levels and farm.

By the end of the game SK was telling me that I needed to learn how to communicate because I didnt ask him to back off the CS. I didnt even bother trying to contest him because I thought that maybe he was a good SK and that was why he was willing to take farm from a DK.

Not the case.


A good SK doesn't need lane CS, he stacks the jungle and farms with caustic. You should have told him to back off straight away.
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Had a game yesterday where Zeus had literally had 4 wins. 4. I'm sitting at closer to 50 with nearly 100 games so I was a little shocked to see that. Saying that he wasn't terrible, but he did get ganked alot because he would run to where we had ganked someone and then get killed by their angry team.

I had picked Bounty Hunter because someone on the other team had instapicked Drow. I was forced to go mid, but it wasn't that bad actually. I farmed ok, ganked well, and hit everyone I could with track.

Lifestealer on the other hand kept getting ganked and got mad. When I ran down to help him, invisible mind you, he said "Wait", and then proceeded to run to me, who was standing at the bottom lane shop right next to two enemies, and he did this whilst having 1/4 health. I assumed he was going to go for a gank, and so I sprung the ambush, but he died, and I died. Cue the profanities and how he was going to use his ult to hide inside me. When I told him "Then why did you come to me rather than tell me that, it's not as if they could see me" he just got madder and quit.

Thank god for Furion. He showed us all how to farm as Nature's Prophet 101 and carried us to victory. Ulting people who got away from my ganks, pushing one lane while I pushed another, and helping me control Lifestealer as well as the enemy had pushed top, destroyed our wracks and one tower at the ancient.

Phantom Assassin was.... completely unremarkable. Did ok, but never seemed to have much presence in our team fights.
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rabies_neko posted...
A good SK doesn't need lane CS, he stacks the jungle and farms with caustic. You should have told him to back off straight away.

Yeah, well we were on the long lane because, well, centaur went safe lane and I couldnt lane with him. We were up against a solo lion though, that's what the frustrating part was. He didnt even try to be aggressive, and would stick around for last hits while I tried to harass.
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*Defending Tier 2 Tower*
"Stop farming and go with the rest of the team"
"I'm defending"
*Team Pings annoyingly*
"Runs around with the team like a headless chicken all over the map"
*Bottom base tower falls after 4 mins due to the creepwave*
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