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This thing is like a roller coaster, the message post speed goes up and down so quickly.
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I would like to say in this post I just hit 300 wins! A very hard won match as windrunner where we had a 32 and 1 lead and then got team wiped twice by a meepo! Turns out my pick was dead on since i was the only one who could kill meepo by targeting one with my ult as my team was massacred one by one, and then I finished by rushing to there base while meepo was dead and finishing off there ancient with another ult.
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hi there
!!!sdrawkcab sti nehw yllaicepse serutangis daer ot sseltniop stI
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Woo almost 500
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thx bro
--- trade me dope items
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SwaglockHolmes posted...
thx bro

U waiting for that future SF swag set?
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Me me me!
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"If you commit suicide on this forest, bears will poop on your corpse."
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Almost there!!
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