Hero with the best escape besides stealth?

#1svr2006gawdPosted 2/4/2013 3:25:08 AM
What hero, in your opinion, has the best escape besides characters that can stealth such as Bounty Hunter and Clinkz? Looking for a hero with great mobility that can also deal out some damage. Just played my first QoP match ever and went 10-0. Liking her so far. What others?
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Blink is the best escape hands down. Invis has nothing on Blink.

Oh yeah, play Anti Mage.
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Slark is really mobile, although he has a pseudo-stealth so I guess it doesn't fit your criteria.
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Apart from blink and stealth you're probably looking at someone like Windrunner.

Her damage isn't great and you'll probably be designated support instead of side-carry but if you get a force staff for a pseudo blink and her Windrun ability makes her very escapable.
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Obvious ones would be Mirana, Windrunner, and Anti-Mage, Void

Spirit Breaker can charge to escape but it's best used offensively obviously. Timbersaw has his hook but you're screwed if there aren't any trees around.

Some things that could even qualify as "escapes" don't speed you up, but disable the enemy, like Demon and OD's imprisons, Medusa's ult, nets, any stun, etc. Most simple stuns won't get you far away from trouble though unless you're near a tower or some juking foliage.
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Weavers Time Lapse if you can consider it.
Can't argue with instant 5 second glimpse.

BatRider Firefly
Spectre's Spectral Dagger

Going over terrain, pretty good escape if you ask me(Although not instant)
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Thanks guys, I'll try out some of these. I've never really played anyone with as much mobility and burst as QoP. I was just blinking in, using Scream of Pain and Sonic Wave, then blinking out. Anyone that lived and tried to run away with low health either my team would finish off or I'd just Blink after them and hit them with Shadow Strike to finish them off.
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