have you memorized every hero and every item?

#21ShaphrionPosted 2/5/2013 4:44:35 PM
Ive memorized every item and hero. including things like how thing stack or work. Or Their base spell in the wc3 engine. Like how Lesh's diabolic edict is actually a summon spell in its base form. Summons crap that randomly hits things around him and follow him.

But I get old versions mixed up with current ones. The details. Like how long this stuns or how much exact damage this does.
#22Alternative_1Posted 2/5/2013 5:04:36 PM
Off the top of my head:
I still couldn't tell you all the properties of the Brewmaster "Brewlings".
Not sure on specifics of DK's ult.
And the numbers in general I don't think anyone really knows 100%.
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#23Ultima_Weapon33Posted 2/5/2013 5:12:00 PM
I do.

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#24JellicPosted 2/5/2013 5:42:44 PM
when did I try to play invoker a lot I think maybe a month in.
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