Update Notes - February 6, 2013

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4 years ago#21
- Shadow Fiend: Fixed Shadow Fiend gaining souls while dead

Wat why :(

- Courier: Fixed courier not responding to deliver orders after having received a hold or stop order.

I like this

- Fixed being able to pick or random an already repicked hero.

Do not like this :(
4 years ago#22
mantana888 posted...
wooh language-based matchmaking

BRs and RUs play on non-English servers because they don't care about not being able to communicate. They'll just select English as a MM option.
4 years ago#23
xoAxelox posted...

first u have to learn the ways of the cha


You'll see - Eternal love, that's what this is
This feeling that I just cannot resist... OD
4 years ago#24
Courier: Fixed the Deliver Items breaking if you used speed burst on the way to the stash.

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4 years ago#25
You can only be on one team right?
See you guys in the pit then! >:O
4 years ago#26
From: xoAxelox | #017
good young padowan

u r learning fast

i beeted a bat raider mid w/ him
"Hank [Schrader] is proof that there aren't enough city buses... because that f***er hasn't been hit by one yet." -BigDan
4 years ago#27
Why is Silencer enabled in CM!!!????

He's still the most broken Hero in the game! I want Centaur then, as well!
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If it ain't broke... they'll break it.
4 years ago#28
^"I don't even want to hear it."
4 years ago#29
lol at silencer being "broken"
"Not to be a dick, but to be a dick anyway," -Terran
4 years ago#30
Iynxor posted...
lol at silencer being "broken"

Implying he doesn't destroy any lane he arrives in at the start without even trying.

Why does a carry that has huge presence in every team fight have such gigantic laning potential? He has absolutely no trade-offs.
PSN ID: TekkenDevil9292
If it ain't broke... they'll break it.
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