looking for serious dota 2 players that want to join a team

#1BBreezy04Posted 2/9/2013 9:37:09 AM
Looking for players who want to group up and play as a team. Don't have to be pro of the game just knowledge of heroes and understanding of the game. Skill will come just want to strive to get some serious players who want to get better and play competitive matches with teammates

Just PM me at steam profile: Dota_G.O.A.T.
#2UltraCookiePosted 2/10/2013 5:54:45 PM
Still looking for players? I'm not very good but I'm looking to improve. What server?
#3BBreezy04(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 10:15:00 PM
US west and east region whats your steam profile ill add you
#4RhylosPosted 2/10/2013 10:49:46 PM
I've been wanting to join a team.
#5derwakePosted 2/10/2013 11:27:58 PM
I've been wanting to join a serious team. My steam I.d. is "derwake" my picture is of ssj gohan. Add me, but i won't be on this week because ill be at a conference all week but i play a lot and am getting pretty good. I play in high bracket and sometimes completely stomp them if i go carry.
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