best counter to illusion?

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still new to the game, so heroes like naga siren and phantom lancer seems super strong. whats the best way to determine which is the real one as oppose to the illusions?

Actually naga siren just seems super strong with her ult, since she can stun everyone then have her team get in position to start the team fight...whats the best counter to her? thanks.
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Medusa and Outworld Devourer too.
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Strong AoEs or attacks that do a wave or some sort wipe out illusions pretty quickly. Keeper of Light is a prime example. Phantom Lancer is also a mid-late game carry, so the best way to deal with him early on is to gank him and shut him down early.

If I recall, Black King Bar will protect against naga's siren. And paying attention on where the enemy team is, since they'll usually be hiding in the jungle, letting Siren go first to initiate. Being prepared does wonders.
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Most of the conventional answers (AoE) aside, Shadow Demon can turn PL illusions against him since the passive ult can proc on Shadow Demon illusions. You can also create illusions from the illusions you already have under you control. Although it might be a bit beyond a new player to pull this off since it involves macro and the ability to know how to use the illusions effectively, but it's much better than pure AoE IMO because Phantom Lancer can just create a new army very quickly.
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Strong aoe spells early. Cleave later.
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Dude, you know what's scary? Song of the Siren + Moonlight Shadow.


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All answers wrong, the true elite illusion pwner is SVEN
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SuperTatortots posted...
If I recall, Black King Bar will allow you to fight a 1v5 battle against naga's siren.

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aoe spells are good for illusions, but against late game/tanky illusions youll want a carry with cleave/battlefury.