Dota 2 key?

#1balfourthejediPosted 2/11/2013 3:12:36 PM
Im a die hard league of legends fan and some friends of mine said i should check out dota 2. i went to the site hearing it was f2p only to see its still in beta and that you need an invite. i did the survey but looked at other forums and saw it could take months for an invite, however i saw posts up to several months ago where people have been giving other people keys for free and i didnt know if it was possible to get one as well. i know im pandering but i thought it cant hurt to try. on another note, any tips for someone familiar with Mobas making the change to dota? such as the major differences between lol and dota? one thing ive heard is cc is different due to several items, and that cc is longer but more costly. looking for any tips and possibly a key
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i'll give you one,
sending a friend request to you
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thank you so much! sorry i havent been on but i just accepted!