Combine the last two heroes you played.

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3 years ago#1
What do you get?

KoTL and Lich.

Taters gonna tate
3 years ago#2
Storm Spirit Zeus

2 much lightning 4 u
"Kids these days huh? Can't live with them, cant chop them up into tiny pieces." -Mcbeth
-Crabdom Ambassador.
3 years ago#3
CaCO3, I'm dolomite
3 years ago#4
Doctor Slardar.

Master of deep-sea malpractice!
"Don't wanna know...where the sinners go..."
3 years ago#5
Sven Assassin
Sven Sven Sven Sven Sven (Vendetta+Sven's ult? Hell yeah)
Scientia, Honor et Veritas
3 years ago#6
Drow enchantress.

I know I must respect the dead but first I must. Spoink.
They Fell to their knees, and Plead to for their right To breathe. Lord please, Devour all my enemies.
3 years ago#7
Lanaya and Magina

So I guess I can Refraction, blink in without blink dagger meld, and drain the opponent's mana all at the same time oO.
Say no to D&D 4E!
3 years ago#8
Nyx Warlord

"Do feed the nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx"
GT: Bfoxv2
PS. Butter My Biscuits
3 years ago#9
Riki of the light
3 years ago#10
Could you ever get such an irritating person?
DrFeelgood1984 is a bro
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